Clerk Responsibilities

Circuit Clerk

  • We handle divorces.
  • We keep a list of prospective jurors.
  • We keep track of property records like deeds, mortgages, liens, surety bonds, etc.
  • We prepare summons, warrants, orders, judgements, injunctions authorized by the County Sheriff.
  • We swear in notaries public and file regulations of state agencies licensing trade or professional workers.

County Clerk

  • We handle marriage records and marriage licenses.
  • We handle elections and voter registration.
  • We keep track of Quorum court records.
  • We keep track of land records on the county scale like improvement districts, right of way acquisition, contracts and agreements.
  • We hold the budget for each county department, and handle county payroll.
  • We hold the information for the County Board of Election Commissioners, the Board of Equalization and the financial information of the entire County government.